Discover These Amazing Room Transformations

<strong>Discover These Amazing Room Transformations</strong>

Home renovations are not easy projects to take on. During the process, you may become overwhelmed with where to start. What are the most straightforward updates you can make? How can you make sure that you’re doing everything right?

Renovating a space will make it more functional and tailored to your taste. You may want to transform your whole house or just a room. You can work with an interior designer to see how much you want to change and ensure it’s executed precisely how you envisioned.

Discover these fantastic before-and-after photos to see how Walden Interiors transforms a space into a home.

Before image of an 1800s living room.
After image of a dining room with colorful paint and a large chandelier.

A house built in the 1800s isn’t exactly functional in the 21st century. This home initially didn’t have a central heating system; the fireplace would keep the small rooms warm. Knocking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen creates a more functional space without sacrificing the old home’s charm. The more modern design was a significant update to an already beautiful space!

Before image of a blank room.
A party with colorful carpets, chairs, curtains and paint.

This sunroom redesign incorporated bold colors and patterns to add personality to the room that was once a blank canvas. Many of the pieces here are vintage or repurposed from existing pieces the homeowner already had.

This beautiful wallpaper Mitchell and Black adds strong character and playfulness to this space!

Before image of foyer with staircase.
Modern foyer inspired by Victorian design.

New wallpaper and fresh paint add vibrance and elegance to this foyer! This Schumacher wallpaper creates a grand illusion that makes this foyer a much more wondrous entrance to this home. The classic black and white tile pattern are reminiscent of Victorian design. 

Before image of a kitchen.
After image of a modern kitchen.

A new layout, countertops, and repurposed cabinetry completely transformed this ample kitchen space. What was once lacking color and personality is now vibrant and exciting! In addition, reconfiguring the counter and island space made the kitchen more functional while keeping the area open and welcoming. 

Before image of an 1800s kitchen.
After image of a modern kitchen with blue paint.

Lastly, this kitchen redesign made the room much more modern and colorful. Between the Blueprint Lighting fixture, the Lili Cement tiles, and the Benjamin Moore paint, the renovation added lots of personality to this room. One of the unique features of this space is the custom vegan runner designed by Risha; inspired by a wool runner, Risha used her design expertise to create this custom vibrant kitchen runner. 

Where should I start with my home redesign?

Take time to determine the priorities for your home. Are there rooms that need functionality? Are the rooms representative of your personality and aesthetic? When you are ready, contact an interior designer to see what steps you can make to start your design transformation.

Remember, you can take the process one room at a time. So have patience and trust that the redesign will turn out wonderfully, and soon you’ll be enjoying your dream home. 

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