How much will it cost to hire you for our project?

As each client and every project is different, so is the need for design services. On average, expect to invest 10% – 15% of the overall cost of the project on design services. For example, if the cost of the project is estimated at $50,000, design services could range between $5000 – $7500.

Are we involved in the design process and how can we work with you to get the most
out of the experience?

Design projects are very much a collaborative process between you as our client and us. The ‘getting to know you’ phase at the start of the project allows us to understand your needs and your lifestyle. We ask a lot of questions and discuss in depth your requirements for each space. Our goal is to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

While working together, we build a partnership with you and establish trust. When you allow us complete creative rights, we are able to curate a truly beautiful and functioning space that is distinctly you. We ask that you kindly allow us to do what we do best—source all items you’ve requested our assistance in finding and let us present them to you so you can see the entire vision for your space. One small change in a fabric, piece of artwork, or area rug can compromise the entire project. Relax and let us do what we do best.

How long will this take?

Your project length depends on your scope. With furniture, we have seen the lengthy delays over the past few years start to improve. We also look for options that are US made or more readily available but they don’t compromise your design. With construction, your timeline can be longer but we work to create a schedule so you can be prepared for any displacement or inconvenience.

Should we do everything at once? How will we know what to prioritize?

That is where we come in. Starting a project and knowing what needs to be done in what
order is our expertise. We help you identify and prioritize so the work required gets
completed in a smooth and easy fashion.

How often do you communicate with me throughout the project?

We communicate weekly to make sure you are kept up to date on the progress of your
design project.

How do I know I should hire an interior designer?

Are you uncertain as to where to start? Are you confused about how to achieve the look you
want? Are you busy and want a beautiful home but have no time to commit to creating it? If
you answered yes to any of these questions, an interior designer can help you.

Do you have a minimum project size?

We appraise each project and client individually to make sure working together is a good
fit. Each project is assessed on its own merit. The relationship between client and
designer is intimate—the more we know you, your lifestyle, and your needs, the better we
can help you.

What is vegan design?

Vegan design is the compassion to use non-animal products in your home. Animal
products used prolifically in interior design can include wool, leather, silk, down, bone,
shell, and horn to name a few.

Will vegan design limit my options aesthetically?

Using vegan options in your home does not limit design choices. We have spent years
searching for alternatives to achieve the same look and aesthetics of a home that utilizes animal products. There are so many options available. Our job is to understand your style and bring it to life. We do it all the time using wonderful cruelty-free options.

Are all of your clients vegan?

No, you don’t have to be vegan to utilize our services. We help clients who feel that
working with us is a great fit and would like to bring positive choices and energy into their homes.

We have existing pieces that we’d love to use—art, furniture, etc. Can you weave
those into the design?

We love to incorporate existing pieces into your design. We know pieces can be heirlooms or have sentimental value. Often we suggest a reupholster or a refinish on existing pieces to give them a new life or a fresh perspective to fit your style.

Will you source and purchase items on my behalf that are not cruelty-free?

No. We are a dedicated Vegan Interior Design firm. We do not specify nor purchase any
animal products. We do, however, find fabulous alternatives that replicate or imitate. We
do see the beauty in the softness of a fur or the texture of a skin—we just do it cruelty-free.

When mixing color, pattern, textures, etc. can there be too much?

We never think there can be too much. But we aren’t designing for ourselves. We design
for you. We know just how much is required to fulfill your design aesthetic and your