owner of walden interiors, Risha WaldenWalden Interiors is dedicated to helping you create a space that’s all your own – a space that makes you feel comfortable and content while focusing on the functional elements that you need in your home

Risha Walden is the Principal Designer at Walden Interiors. Canadian born and now living in New Jersey, Risha has built her design aesthetics from living and traveling abroad in Europe and Asia. Risha received her design training at the New York School of Interior Design.  With a background in Performing and Visual Arts, Risha loves to bring balance and beauty into the lives of each of her clients. Many of the people Risha has helped through design have been those making a transition in their lives. From newlyweds looking for a space to start a family to empty-nesters looking to downsize, she forms an understanding of where her clients are in their life, what transitions they are making, then manifests those unique needs and desires into her design.  This versatility makes her a natural when it comes to helping those people looking to transform their space to meet the changes in their life.

Risha is no stranger to transitions in her own life. From a single woman, to a wife, a mother, a career woman, a divorcee and currently an empty nester, Risha has experience with the transformations required as each stage of life presents itself.

Each of these life experiences has given her a depth of comprehension and appreciation for life changes.  Having a home that can reflect the remodeling of one’s life is necessary to feel secure in moving forward.  She draws from her knowledge of culture and lifestyle to bring a fresh perspective to her design and use of space. In this way, Risha is able to fulfill her clients’ dreams and visions, making their homes come alive in inviting and warm ways.

When you work with Walden Interiors, Risha imagines your desired design in both look and feel while paying diligent attention to every detail to ensure that the aesthetic exceeds your expectations. She creates spaces that fulfill the needs of your life, both everyday and on special occasions, as well as leaving room for your home to grow with your personality and evolve with your family.

Risha’s comprehensive attention to detail and deliberation to schedule and budget mean that your project is accomplished according to your requirements . Having designed entire homes and specific spaces, she works magically alongside you to stay within your budget, meet your demands, and turn your dreams into a livable and inviting reality.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and help you create the home or room of your dreams with one of our many services. Reach out today to learn more about how Walden Interiors can guide the transformation you’re looking to make by creating a space fit for your life.