Design Tips to Entertain with Walden Interiors

Design Tips to Entertain with Walden Interiors

Are you ready to begin planning your next design project in anticipation for the holidays?

If you answered, YES, than you have already taken the first step!

In my last blog post, I discussed a few things to keep in mind when you are thinking about your home design. One of the important aspects I mentioned was FUNCTIONALITY. It can get difficult to find enough space for everyone to feel comfortable with that influx of family and friends. You want your home to be able to transition to different seasons because it’s not always Thanksgiving! In this design blog post, I give some easy tips for creating more space in your home for well, EVERYONE!

four examples of extra seating ideas for home

Incorporate different types of seating into your home so you are always ready to entertain! ©️ Laura Gaskill

Identify Your Problems!

It is important to identify your problems when it comes to the functionality of your space. Are there not enough beds, a lack of seating to watch movies or eat dinner, or simply nowhere to play a board game? More often than not, you will not need seating for fifteen people! There are some simple solutions that you can incorporate into your existing design plan so that holiday season functionality is possible.

One useful space-saving solution is a pullout sofa. Not only does this create a sleeping area for guests, on movie nights, there is plenty of space for everyone to cuddle up and eat popcorn! A variety of chic and well-designed pullout sofas with a comfortable mattress can easily be incorporated into your design plan!

Create Multi-Use Spaces!

Another great way to transform your home to accommodate visitors is turning your den or office into a GUEST ROOM. Including a piece such as a murphy bed into your office space will allow for an easy conversion from work space to sleep space. Your guests have a place to sleep at night and you can work from your home office during the day.

murphy bed interior design

Murphy beds can blend in seamlessly into your design plan with proper planning ©️ The Wall Street Journal

Enough Seating for Dinner!

One of the big problems that my clients mention to me during the holiday season is that there is never enough seating for meals! This can lead to family dinners being rushed to make enough space or dividing up the party to different areas of the house so everyone can eat comfortably. I don’t know about you, but there is something special about having my entire family seated at one table enjoying DELICIOUS food.

A fun and functional dining room is perfect for entertaining ©️ Walden Interiors

Luckily, there are some simple design solutions that allow for those banquet size tables in your home! A bench creates multiple seats with less space and is perfect for a bunch of small children.  For any big occasion, a set of stylish and functional folding chairs can be brought out but stowed away when not in use! Make them decorative with comfortable seat cushions in a pattern that matches your décor. Finally, bring in the extra stools that double as side tables in your living room. Make sure that the seat is 19” high to make for a comfortable height at the dining table.

If you are ready to start creating a functional space in your home that works in every season but just have no idea where to start, that’s why I am here! As an interior designer, I can help you plan your space so that it works for your family.

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Let’s getting designing today so you can entertain in style!

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