How to Create an Inviting Outdoor Living Space

How to Create an Inviting Outdoor Living Space

As we enter the summer months, this is the perfect time to create an outdoor living space, whether it is for sitting or dining.

There are lots of ways to create a wonderful space that will expand your home; it might be a porch, a balcony, a patio, or even a driveway.

Here are my top three tips to help you expand your living space into the outdoors.

Top Tips for Expanding Your Living Space Outdoors

Tip 1: Use a Carpet

/Creating an inviting outdoor living space with carpets

There are a plethora of wonderful carpet designs and colors available for outdoor use.

The carpet grounds the area that you want to create for your outdoor living space. If you can’t find carpets big enough, layer them to create a larger area.

This outlines where you’re going to do your outside activities.

Check out our blog on Defining Outdoor Spaces for deeper insights.

Creating an inviting outdoor living space with colorful carpets

Go big, go bold, and look at using patterns in the carpet. If the area is not covered, remember that dark colors will soak up heat and may be hot to walk on.

Tip 2: Lighting

Creating an inviting outdoor living space with ambient lighting

Lighting is really crucial as you move into the evenings to create a beautiful ambient feel.

Rather than using harsh lighting, I suggest using candles or hurricane lamps with dim, warm lighting.

There are also a ton of rechargeable lights that are perfect for outdoor areas. This is a popular trend.

I use them everywhere as they are easy to transport and there is no tripping over cords. You just have to remember to charge them overnight!

Another inexpensive way to create some outdoor lighting is to use simple strands of Christmas lights.

String them around your outdoor living area.

Creating an inviting outdoor living space with lighting

You can color coordinate the lights, make them multi-colored, or make simple, elegant strands of white lights. There are so many options for fun!

Tip 3: Add Color

Creating an inviting outdoor living space with color

Make it fun with splashes of color or totally saturate the space with color.

Here are 4 Ways to Perk Up Your Outdoor Spaces With Color

Personally, I like my space full of color. So I’ve used multiple colors and patterns throughout my front porch.

Creating an inviting outdoor living space with color

If the color is too much for you, use neutral furniture pieces and then pop them with colorful pillows or throws.

As you move into the cooler months, the pillows and throws will help you stay outside longer, expanding your living area.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. I love designing outdoor living spaces, and I’d love to help you if you need any assistance. Call me at (973) 722-3872.

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