10 Essential Elements to Elevate Your Home Office Design

10 Essential Elements to Elevate Your Home Office Design

We have seen a significant shift in the workplace.

People are leaving their big corporate offices and setting up shop in their personal home office space. Whether you have a designated room or a corner of your home, a functional home office is crucial to productivity and successfully expanding your professional career. It is essential to have a specific space to focus on work and not what’s going on in your home.

More importantly, your home office does not have to feel like a corporate office! You can create a space that reflects your goals and passions. As someone who spends many hours in my office, I have learned a few things about elevating an office space beyond just a nice desk and comfy chair.

In this post, I’ll share my top ten tips for elevating office design.

1. Lighting

Lighting is the most crucial element in any office space. To create an inviting and functional environment, it’s important to incorporate various lighting sources. Overhead lighting provides general illumination to the entire space; task lamps highlight specific work areas.

For Zoom calls, it’s important to consider lighting to ensure that you are well-lit and look professional. Consider ambient lighting from windows and natural sources when you are creating your lighting plan.

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2. Video Conferencing Background

Many of us have been on a video call at least once since work shifted to be in our homes. Whether on a Zoom call or creating video content, a well-designed background enhances your professionalism and showcases your brand.

Consider adding a branded backdrop or incorporating elements that align with your company’s mission and values. If you are a plant professional, consider having a few plants in the background to showcase your business.

3. Artful Inspiration

Adding art provides a source of inspiration and creativity. Whether it’s a large-scale painting or a collection of smaller pieces, incorporating art into your office design helps create a more engaging and visually appealing space.

Choose pieces that are meaningful to you and inspire you to achieve your own personal goals.

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4. Warmth with Upholstery

Unlike corporate spaces, your home office can incorporate soft, upholstered materials. Add soft furnishings such as carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture to create a warm and inviting office environment.

These materials add visual interest, but they also help to absorb sound and create a more comfortable space. Even add a few throw pillows to make your office the comfiest room in the house!

5. Comfortable Seating

Comfortable and maneuverable seating is fundamental for any office space. Whether you’re working at a desk or in a more casual setting, it’s important to have cozy and functional chairs.

Additionally, ensure your chair is at a good height for your desk; an easily adjusted chair can help prevent discomfort and injury by giving you options to move.

Test out a few chairs before selecting one that works for you—we spend a lot of time sitting, a quality chair in your office is crucial.

6. Functional Desk

A well-designed desk is necessary for any workspace. Make sure your desk is large enough to accommodate your papers and computers. Incorporating storage solutions such as drawers and shelves can keep your workspace clutter-free and necessary information close at hand.

Your desk is where your work gets done; make your desk work for you.

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7. Effective Storage

Practical storage solutions are going to elevate any office space. Incorporating cabinets, shelves, and other storage options helps keep your work area organized and functional. Additionally, having a designated area for supplies and reference materials can help to improve productivity and prevent distractions.

Finally, a well-designed storage space keeps your office decluttered while still fitting into an elevated design.

8. Guest Seating

If you regularly have visitors in your office, having additional seating options available will make your guests feel welcome. Incorporating comfortable chairs or sofas can create a more inviting and professional space.

Additional seating for guests also creates an office space that is more than just a desk—it is a room for your creative juices to flow!

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9. Snacks

As much as pens and post-its are important to an office, so are snacks and refreshments! Consider adding a small snack bar with energy-filled bites to your office. Instead of procrastinating in the kitchen, your office is set up for success with snacks that fuel your goals.

I like to have dates, chocolate and sparkling water in my office to keep me going throughout the day.

10. Mirror Check!

My last tip may seem small, but it can make a big difference. Add a mirror, big or small, to your office to help check your appearance prior to video calls or meetings.

Ensuring you look professional and put-together can create a positive first impression and set the tone for productive and effective communication. And it’s one last chance to fix that morning bed head for those 8am video calls!

Like the rest of your home, your office is a chance to express your creative and unique self.

Many of us no longer work in a corporate space, so we can design our offices in any way we enjoy. Elevate your office design using these tips, and notice how much more you enjoy going to work every day.

Your office is the heart of your productivity and inspiration, so ensuring a beautiful and functional design is key to finding success on whatever path your career takes you.

Ready to design your dream office? Tell us about your project.

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