Cozy Winter Design Tips on a Budget!

Cozy Winter Design Tips on a Budget!

Is it just me or are these cold days just dragging on and on? I seem to always have a sweater on and drinking a cup of tea!

In my last blog post I gave three design tips that you can use to cozy up your home! Hopefully you tried some of them out – if you did, tag us on Instagram @waldeninteriors so we can take a look! This week, I’ll be giving just a few more tips on how you can add warmth to your home on a budget.

First – Candles!

various candles

Candles add warmth to your space and create a welcoming mood ©️Pinterest

Yes, candles! Simple and easy to incorporate into a design, candles are a great way to add warmth. Adding candles to your home can remind us of a fire without all the work. And do not use just one! Grouping candles together adds a dynamic interest to your home. You can get really imaginative here with different candle sizes, colors or holders. There are so many candles to choose from even if you are sensitive to smell. There are many great unscented candles that are not overwhelming but still add warmth. If you do choose scented candles, try to use the same scent so your house can smell uniform throughout.

Secondly – Bring Your Blankets

Adding blankets or throws to different seating areas in your home is another easy way to add coziness without breaking the bank. If you’re feeling inspired you can always add colorful throws to add another layer to your design. You can also drape throws over your dining room chairs. Trust me, your female guests will definitely appreciate it during those cold months!

throw pillows and blankets scattered on couch

Blankets and throws are the perfect way to cozy up your home for the winter ©️Pinimg

Lastly, Add Some Pillows!

If you already have throw pillows, try swapping them for warm and furry ones. There are many great faux fur pillows or fabrics that can be customized to your design. They are fun and cozy without using any animal products. If faux-fur is not your look, try pillows with a warmer fabric color or texture. Put them on your sofa or chairs to add comfort and coziness during these freezing cold months!

throw pillows for decorating

Add some more pillows to your seating area to add warmth

As I finish up writing this blog post, sipping my cup of tea, I want to bring to light the importance of planning. As I talked about in my previous blog post, planning ahead with your design project saves you time and money! Working with an interior designer, such as myself, takes  the pressure from you and gives it to a professional, who can help with your vision.
If you are ready to start working on your design project or need some help with any of my design tips, please contact us at (973) 722 – 3872 or For more inspiration or to access my design blog, you can visit our website
Let’s add some coziness to your ‘crib’!

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