3 Design Tips – Adding Warmth to Your Home!

3 Design Tips – Adding Warmth to Your Home!

Hello!  I cannot believe that summer was only a couple months ago with this cold weather!  We barely had a Fall.

During the winter season, we spend most of our time indoors. It is warm, cozy and free of snow (hopefully)! Here are three ways you can add transform your home with Interior Design tips that are simple.  They can easily be worked into your existing design plan.

First Design Tip – Light Bulbs!
side by side of bathroom with different bulbs to show light temperatures

Different bulbs, different outcomes

Change your light bulbs! Light bulbs are an overlooked detail when trying to change the mood in your home. Incandescent bulbs often emit a clean, white light into your home. Check out Home Depot or your local hardware store for an abundance of light bulbs that can change the ambience of your room with the color of light they radiate. From a warmer orangey light to a cooler bluish light, your home will be ready for any season. Put the warmer light in places where people gather, such as your family room or living room; the atmosphere can be changed immediately.

Second Design Tip – Carpets!

Warm up your home by adding carpets! You may have some carpets but add carpets to rooms that do not usually have one. The kitchen or foyer is a great place to add a carpet for coziness. Don’t select too small a carpet – choose a size that fills the space and has a design that adds to your overall vision. Choose carpet fibers that are easy to wash such as polyester or polypropylene; kitchen and entryways often have the most foot traffic.

warm living room

Warmth with layering

An unexpected way of adding warmth is by layering your carpets! Layering gives a warm, luxurious feel to your home as well as adds a textural element.  Always remember to use a carpet pad – it saves floors, preserves carpets and absorbs sound.

Third Design Tip – Window Treatments!

My last tip for today is add window treatments. You may already have window treatments; they add warmth and interest in a room. Layering them is a great way to create a look that is inviting. Top simple transparent sheer panels with decorative drapes adds layers with texture. Or add solid color roman blinds under printed decorative panels.  Similar to carpets, window treatments absorb sound throughout your home.

lamp on top of easel

Layers of panels create depth ©️adobe stock

With these three interior design tips you can easily transform your home to feel warm and inviting. Incorporate my tips into your existing design to change your home from cool to cozy!

Need Help

If you need some more help with making these tips work for you, please contact me at (973) 722 – 3872 or risha@walden-interiors.com to schedule a consult today! Or visit our website for more information at www.walden-interiors.com. Don’t forget to check out my other blog and video posts for tips on how to get your home holiday ready!

Let’s make your home warm and cozy together!

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