Top 6 Expert Wallpaper Tips for Your Home

Top 6 Expert Wallpaper Tips for Your Home

Wallpaper is making a comeback in the interior design world.

Our Top 6 Wallpaper Tips are here to help!

funky party room wallpaper
A funky vintage party room with a unique tiger printed wallpaper. Photography by Raquel Langworthy

Everywhere you look it seems like people are using fun and funky wallpapers in all parts of their home. Designers are bringing exciting and unique patterns to their collections and home owners are ready to bring them into their homes. Even though it is becoming popular once again, many people still have a few misconceptions and are wary of committing a wallpaper faux-pas. As a lover of all things colorful and vibrant, wallpaper is an area of expertise for Walden Interiors.

Follow along as we take you through our top 6 wallpaper tips so you can make confident and informed decisions about the design of your home. 

The first point to address is…

…the major misconception that wallpaper is an irreversible commitment to a space; one that you’ll have to deal with for a long time. While this may have been true in the past with older technology, today’s process of installing wallpaper or removing wallpaper has become as easy as repainting a room. Making sure that the space is properly prepped and primed is key to ensuring changes can be made in the future. These top 6 wallpaper tips are to help you create a unique and personalized space without costly mistakes or repairs.

Aesthetics and preferences change with time, so should your space.

Color choice is one of the most important steps in choosing a wallpaper for your room.

Many wallpapers consist of multiple colors that create a pattern or image. While there are many options that are bright and bold, there are also color palettes that are more neutral and calming. When choosing a color combination for the wallpaper, take notice of the other colors used in the space. While the colors don’t all have to match, it is important that the wallpaper complements the other colors in the room so it creates a cohesive design.

Example of two different floral wallpapers; Bright and maximal vs. neutral and calming. So much versatility!

Texture is another fun and exciting part of wallpaper design.

There are wallpapers that are completely smooth to the touch, blending into the wall but there are exciting options made from varying materials that add an extra dimension to a space. Grasses, Sisal, and Cork are great sustainable materials for textured wallpaper that can bring added movement to a space. When looking to use a textured wallpaper, there are several options; visual textured, light textured and high textured. Visual textured wallpaper gives the impression it is three dimensional but is actually flat while high textured is often noticeably textured from a distance. Order some samples and get a ‘feel’ for the type of look you want for your space.

Wallpapers can do what paint cannot!

Most wallpapers involve some type of print that is often not easily achieved with a normal painted space. The options are endless! Whether you’re looking for a large scale print to add drama to a space or a smaller delicate print, there is an option for you. There are even wallpapers that are large statement murals with no repeating patterns. Wallpaper designers often offer designs in multiple color palettes, which gives you even more options for your home. Print is one of my favorite parts of selecting wallpaper and it can bring the whole room together. 

A Before and After of vibrant Living Room.
Dynamic and patterned wallpaper adds interest and excitement to the room!

Where to apply wallpaper depends on the look you want.

Accent walls are a great way of adding pattern to a space without it taking over the whole room. If you’re looking for a more maximalist look or you fell in love with an absolutely gorgeous wallpaper, do the whole room – even the ceiling! Think about doing a daring wallpaper in your powder room – it may be a small space but it can pack a punch without overwhelming your whole home.  Check out our Youtube video “How to Add Drama to Your Powder Room”, to see the whole design process behind this Butterfly Wallpaper!

butterfly powder room
Powder rooms are a great space to be daring with your wallpaper choices!


…one of the most important tips for using wallpaper is ensuring that the walls are properly prepped and primed. Whether you are working with a tradesperson or DIY-ing it, this is to ensure that your wallpaper goes on smoothly and comes off seamlessly (if or when you want a change). To ensure your wallpaper looks the best choose a primer for the wall that corresponds to the wallpaper – i.e. a green wall for a green wallpaper. This enhances the wallpaper and allows the patterns and colors to be their most vibrant and clean. 

Wallpaper is a fun and exciting way of enhancing your space. Don’t be afraid to try it out. There are options for every room and every aesthetic. Luckily most options are vegan and cruelty-free, which is great for your vegan home. Ordering samples is the best way to test your options and get a feel for how the room will look once it’s installed. Our Top 6 Wallpaper Tips are a great starting point for your home design project.

Still need help?

The Walden Interiors team are experts at wallpaper selection, installation and execution. We would love to help you take the plunge into a wallpapered home! You can also check out our Youtube channel for more design and home project tips!

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