Creating Seating for Parties with Walden Interiors

Creating Seating for Parties with Walden Interiors

Having More People Over For Dinner?

Do you have a large crowd coming for the holidays and you need to accommodate more people around the dining table?

kitchen table with bench seating

Benches are a great way of accommodating more people around the dining table ©️Pinterest

I have three easy tips for creating seating around the table so everyone can be part of the fun. These tips can easily be incorporated into existing design plans.  You do not have to compromise on the look and feel of your home in order to entertain.

Don’t Just Use Chairs!

Chairs can take up a larger footprint that the alternatives below. By using some of these alternative types of seating, it allows for more people at the dining room table.

  1. A bench can fit more people at the table than chairs. Especially for the younger crowd, a long bench can accommodate more with less space. If you are using a bench throughout the year, purchase a bench that has a back but no arms so you can easily move in
    folding chairs around dining table

    Folding chairs can easily add extra seating to your dining table ©️Decor Pad

    and out. With a cushioned seat and back, the bench might even become your favorite place to sit in your home!

  2. The extra stools that I mentioned in my last blog post as seating in your living or family room can easily be pulled up to a dining table. However, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable for the person sitting on it. Choose stools with the standard height of 18” and add a cushion.
  3. Folding chairs! They are always easy to store; a few chairs in a closet or basement to be pulled out for the crowd. Make them comfortable and interesting by adding a cushioned seat cover to match the rest of your décor. It is fun and easy way of getting those extra people to fit around the table.
Don’t Be Afraid of Mismatched Seating!

Chairs from around the house can be pulled into the dining room for any occasion. Don’t worry about them matching!

mismatched seating around table

Mismatched seating is not something to worry about! Focus on table decor and ambience ©️Pinterest

Being together with family and friends will trump a coordinated set every time. Focus on the table décor and the lighting, which will draw your eyes away from the mismatched chairs. If you are looking to start designing your dining area or living area, take into account these tips so at your next party everyone has a seat! To book your design consult today please call us at (973) 722 – 3872 or email at

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