Layering Using Ambient Lighting with Walden Interiors

Layering Using Ambient Lighting with Walden Interiors


Summer feels like it was forever ago especially with this cooler weather! I feel like everyday I am adding another layer of clothes to just stay warm! And just like the layers of clothes that I am putting on, this week’s topic is layers of lighting!

Layers of Lighting!

Adding layers of lighting is an important element in designing a room. It adds depth to your room as well as gives you the ability to set a tone or mood. As I talked about in my last post, ambient lighting’s purpose is to illuminate the entire room so that the light is uniform all over. By using dimmers, we can create the level of light we use in our home, adjusting as the natural light changes through the day.

Usually when I walk in and out of a room, my automatic reflex is to hit a switch so I know where I am going and don’t trip over the paraphernalia from my kids. Strategically placed light switches add to the overall functioning of your home thus making your life easier.

schematic of lighting plan

An example of a Lighting Plan for a living room

Plan Ahead!
ambient lighting in living room studio

Ambient lighting that is purposefully placed creates a cohesive space

Are you just starting a renovation project or are contemplating one? Now is the time to include your plans for ambient lighting. Holes and channels are often needed to run wires so installing lights and switches is best done before painting. Planning ahead with lighting will ultimately save you the headache of doing it again.

It is important to make sure that the light installed will reach all the spaces in your room. You can create different layers and tones depending on the type of light that you choose. Recessed lighting is a type of ambient lighting that is inexpensive and versatile. Purposefully placed lights in the room can make all the difference in having a well-lit space. The most popular recessed lighting today is LED. They are often cheaper and last for a long time.

Use Different Types of Fixtures
mini chandelier above small table

Chandeliers are a common type of ambient lighting that can add an interesting element to a space

Another type of ambient lighting is a chandelier. A chandelier can be a beautiful centerpiece or focal point in your room while adding light. Sconces or ceiling mounted lights are another way to add a layer of lighting. Like recessed lighting, they can be controlled by a dimmer giving you versatility.

As we move closer towards those cold months, it is time to get your lighting plan complete! We can work together so your home is warm and inviting, and you can forget about the dark days to come! To book your design consult today please call us at (973) 722 – 3872 or email at

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Let’s get layering!

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