How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color for your Home

How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color for your Home

Let’s talk about paint color. 

Perhaps you’re trying to figure out what paint color would work best for your home. 

Or you might have experienced the overwhelming challenge of choosing the perfect paint color.

It’s okay, I’ll guide you through it 

In my home, I’ve used a lot of deep, rich jewel tones.

Because that’s what I like, but that doesn’t mean it always works for everybody else. 

Your aesthetic may be very different. You may like…

  • a very neutral tone, 
  • A black and white look  
  • a very clean, white, modern room, 
  • or perhaps you like bursts of color.
Choosing the perfect paint color for your home, burst of color

Either way, I’m going to give you a couple of tips to help you decide on a color for your home.

Why Choosing the Right Paint Color Matters

I help my clients pick the perfect colors because I’m very visual and can see the color throughout the room and know exactly how it’s going to look. 

You may not have that ability. But I’m going to give you some ideas you can use to decide on a color for your room or your whole house.

Tips for Selecting Paint Colors

Gather Multiple Samples

First tip…

Don’t just get two or three samples. Get a whole bunch…

Choosing the perfect paint color for your home, Paint Colors

… because that color is going to look very different in your home when the light changes. 

The color will not stay consistent throughout.  

It will change based on the lightbulbs you use and the angle of the sun in the room at different times of the day. 

It’s going to look different on the walls, the floor, or the trim. And the paint finish also changes the color.

So go and get a bunch of colors in the palette you think would work for you and start putting them up on the wall.

Choosing the perfect paint color for your home

You’ll know right away: “Oh my god, that’s just not going to work,” or“That’s too dark, too light, too brown.” 

Put them next to places like the window and door frames because it really makes a difference where the paint is used.

And if you don’t know your favorite colors, I go deeper in my Insider Tips on How to Choose The Perfect Colors for Your Home

Consider Light and Environment

If you don’t want color swatches all over your home, get cardboard or thicker paper and paint it. 

If the cardboard is brown, you will need to paint a couple of coats for a true color. Pin it up, move it around, and see how it looks in different lights. 

This is really important, it will help you get a feel for the color

Test Colors on Different Surfaces

I’ve been doing this for almost  2 decades. I already have a selection of favorite colors that I rely on to create specific aesthetics. 

And if you don’t want to use an interior designer to help you choose color, this is the best way to avoid making a mistake. 

It all comes down to time and money. If you feel very confident in a particular color, paint it all over and see how you feel about it. 

But chances are, it’s going to turn out much differently than you expect. That’s why you need a broad range of colors when you start. 

I hope that it makes sense.

Understanding Paint Finishes

Once you pick your color, you want to take into consideration the finish of the paint. Usually, the small paint samples don’t come in the various finishes.

Choosing the perfect paint color for your home, paint finish

Here’s what I use; a matte on my walls (not in the kitchen or bathrooms), a semi-gloss or eggshell on my trim, and a flat on my ceiling. 

Unless your ceiling is perfect or you want a very contrived look, any kind of sheen will show every imperfection. 

There are many finishes.  Picking the right one can make a real difference in the finished look of your home. It can also affect the ease of maintenance. 

If you want to learn more about paint finish, check out How to Choose a Paint Finish by Sherwin-Williams

Need Help? Contact Me for a Consultation

If you need any help, call me at 973-722-3872 for a paint consultation. 

I love color and love picking colors. If you have a question about any color, comment below, and I’ll respond.

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