Why an Interior Designer can make your life easier

Why an Interior Designer can make your life easier

As a homeowner, it can be overwhelming considering all design options and styles. How can you create your dream home without “losing it”? Working with a design professional is one of the best ways to bring your dream home to life. Interior designers are uniquely adept at understanding colors, shapes, patterns, and space. This blog will share the best reasons an interior designer can make your life easier.

What is an Interior designer?

An interior designer is a trained professional who usings art and science to enhance the interior of spaces for a healthier and enriched environment for the people using it. Interior designers bring their clients’ ideas to life using the principles and elements of interior design. There are different ways the designer can do this, as each person has their process. For instance, at Walden Interiors, it involves four general stages; brainstorming, planning, implementation, and finishing touches

How does an Interior Designer create spaces?

Interior designers have the tools to create a space for clients.  The first and most crucial step of the interior designer’s process is understanding the client’s wants, needs, and aesthetics.  A clear picture of what the client is looking for will fuel the next step of visualizing and planning. This step involves drawings, samples, mood boards, and measuring. Once the designs are approved, the interior designer begins ordering and implementing the design elements.

At this point in the process, tradespeople will paint rooms, floors, and tile installed, furniture assembled, and any other major space modifications completed.  During this point in the process, your designer will work with different tradespeople who are experts in their field. One of the best benefits of working with an interior designer is access to their extensive network of vetted tradespeople and vendors. The final stage of the design process involves the finishing touches; the glitter. When the whole space comes together, clients can add their personal touches like photos, memorabilia, etc.

The final room; a fun and funky party room with all the finishing touches.

Sorting through the noise

With endless options for your home design, making a selection may be difficult for the average homeowner. Every day we are bombarded with advertising and catchy phrases from many home design companies that we can have trouble sorting through the noise. As an interior design professional, we are experts in sifting through the endless options to bring our clients useable and unique elements for their homes. At Walden Interiors, we always give our clients multiple options that will work with their home, no matter the final choice. As a result, we save our clients a lot of time and money, resulting in a flexible budget and fewer design mistakes.

A network of vendors and designers

One of the biggest perks of working with an interior designer is having access to their expansive network of trade professionals. However, finding reliable contractors and trustworthy tradespeople can be challenging if you are a new homeowner or moved to a new area. You want to ensure you bring the right people into your home and design project. Interior designers have established connections. They work with people they trust and do a beautiful job at home design. In addition, working with an interior designer gives you access to products and pricing only available through a licensed professional.

Interior designers use design principles and elements to make your home beautiful.

Rhythm of Interiors

The rhythm of your home refers to how the space flows and repeats. Color patterns, patterns, space, and textures create harmony and movement. An area with perfect rhythm has well-executed repetition. Through thoughtful and purposeful design choices, interior designers create rhythmic rooms for their clients that draw the eye seamlessly around the space. 

A before image of a living space before a designer.
A before image of a living room.
The same living room after being touched up by a vegan interior designer

2. Balance it Out

Balance is of the utmost importance in any space. It refers to the distribution of visual weight throughout the room. Balance is achieved across different planes, including linear and radial, and it can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Interior designers know how to properly use furniture, decor, color, shapes, etc., to balance a space, so the room feels comfortable. How a space is balanced brings a specific and unique feeling to a room.

a grand foyer
A balanced interior of a home by a designer makes your life easier.

How does an interior designer make your life easier?

If you are diving into a new design project or considering renovating your new home, bring an interior designer onto your team. The benefits of working with an interior designer will change how your dream home comes to life. When you work with an interior designer, you allow a licensed professional to deeply understand your aesthetic and bring their expertise to the design process. An interior designer will never impose their aesthetic on your home; they are there to accentuate the look you want in your home. With access to resources and tradespeople, you are saving time and energy in vetting companies. By narrowing down your choices for design products, you are saving time and money. When you work with an interior designer, you can avoid costly mistakes. As a result, you are able to budget more money for details! 

The design process should be enjoyable and make your life easier. Consider working with an interior designer because you want the best outcome for your dream home. And don’t wait; the sooner you bring a designer onto your project, the better!

Let’s get designing!

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