A Glimpse into the reliable benefits of Vegan Interior Design

A Glimpse into the reliable benefits of Vegan Interior Design

2022 is a fast-paced era where things come and go; however, not everything follows in this fad. Some things, such as home interior design is something that will always be in demand. While your home grows and changes with you, choosing durable and sustainable pieces is vital to practicing sustainability. When someone purchases furniture, the material and design need to be reliable, sustainable, and cater to the home owner. Vegan interior design fulfills all these requirements without cruelty. This blog will teach you about common vegan materials and their versatility. 

A cork flooring design set

How can Interior design be Vegan?

As you dive into your design project, you will come across different materials, some of which may not be vegan. Therefore, it is essential to understand what is a vegan material and what is not. Veganism is a lifestyle choice to choose compassion and inflict the least amount of suffering on living beings. In traditional interior design, you will find many animal products like leather, wool, or silk. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for materials born in cruelty. Products such as linen, organic cotton, hemp, and polyester are just a few of the alternatives you can use when looking to create a vegan home. 

Various Vegan Design Fabrics and sets from Walden Interiors

Vegan Materials and their benefits

1. Versatility of material

Vegan interior design includes numerous types of different materials that also happen to be versatile. For example, Linen is a textile used in bedsheets, mattress covers, curtains, and clothes. Furthermore, Hemp textiles are an excellent sustainable option that uses over four times less water than cotton, is used for sheets, sofas, and chairs. These are just two examples of the plethora of fabrics to use as a vegan interior option. Lastly, as the vegan interior design industry grows, there are innovators bringing sustainability to the next level. One such example is Piñatex, also known as pineapple leather. In Pineapple leather the discarded leaves of pineapples are woven into durable fabrics for interior design purposes, clothing, and more. When choosing a vegan interior design fabric, you can customize and create designs that perfectly fit your home design.

A stylish Faux-Fur pillow, an all vegan alternative for interior design.

2. Positive Health Impacts

Beyond versatility, there are other benefits to choosing vegan interior design. The numerous health benefits are one of the biggest reasons to bring veganism into your home. Materials such as hemp fabric are hypoallergenic. Furthermore, vegan materials also have fewer harmful chemicals than animal-based products. In animal-based products there is the chemical formaldehyde. This chemical can pose long term health risks for homeowners, even increasing the risk of cancer diagnosis. When choosing Vegan design there are no such chemicals or health risks that come with the materials.

3. Environmental and Ethical affects

Lastly, another benefit greatly impacts the environment. The industrial animal agriculture complex has a far-reaching and detrimental impact on our environment. Animal agriculture negatively impacts resources like water, energy, and lives. Vegan products beneficially impact the environment and do not exist within the harmful cycle of the animal agriculture industry. For homeowners looking to bring vegan designs into their home, look for fabrics and materials with a ‘fair trade,’ ‘organic soil association,’ or ‘global organic textile’ certification. Organic cotton is great to incorporate into households as it is pesticide-free, non-GMO, and requires safe working conditions for laborers. Another example is recycled polyester, made from existing plastics, which reduces CO2 emissions, water waste, and energy use. By switching to Vegan, fewer beings will suffer, which helps the environment and is a moral and ethical decision that makes you feel good about your home. 


When looking into interior designers or taking the next step in your vegan journey, keep in mind all of the positive impacts that it can not only have for you and how it can help shape a more sustainable environment. Vegan interior design is the future, and understanding the fabric choices you make for your home and how they came to be will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling and beautiful space. 

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