Vegan Design is not limiting – How to do it!

Vegan Design is not limiting – How to do it!

I wasn’t always a vegan.

I adopted the dietary lifestyle about 5 years ago. Slowly, I incorporated the vegan morality into every aspect of my life. As an Interior Designer, I began to realize how many animal products are used to create beautiful interiors. There is an inherent cruelty in animal products.  I didn’t want that to be brought into the interiors that I was creating. For my clients, I want to create peaceful spaces that incorporate kindness. You too can do it in your home.

Vegan Design is not limiting – How to do it!

So cute and cuddly but not as a carpet! ©Trinity Kubassek

I started asking questions about the origin and the components of fabrics, product and furniture. I wanted to make choices that did not include any animal products. It turned out that it was not a difficult thing to do. The variety of choices is expanding. Motivated by the expense of using animal parts, manufacturers are sourcing and producing alternatives. Using animals is often often detrimental to the environment. Consumers are demanding products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. A win-win for vegan design.

Don’t Throw It Out!

Maybe you have pieces that you have purchased that are not vegan. Don’t throw everything out and start again. Use your current animal-based pieces! I still have some pieces that work; I will continue to do so until they don’t. Going forward, I intend to make sure that any product that I do purchase is cruelty-free.
There are so many cruelty-free choices available to create texture, pattern and variety. The selections are endless. Asking questions is the key. I constantly request my vendors and partners to carry products that are free from animals.

two baby ducks huddled together

Down is from the underbelly of geese or ducks ©Victor Burnside

Animal Products are Everywhere.

You may be surprised where animal products are used. So many items that I never thought about before. Now I am diligent in asking questions. It is exciting whenever I find something new that is cruelty free!! Do you know of any exciting design pieces that are vegan?  I would love to hear about them!

comforter, pillows, and blanket stuffed with down

Comforters, pillows and blankets are often stuffed with down ©Daria Shevtsova

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