Sustainable Vegan Interior Design: All You Need To Know

This simple guide offers the best design tips for a sustainable and vegan home. Learn more about the many alternatives and health benefits!

How To Design A Vegan Bedroom: An Ultimate Guide

This ultimate guide provides the top tips on designing a vegan bedroom. Learn more about the different sustainable alternatives and benefits!

Introduction to Vegan Interior Design: Best Secrets

This introduction covers the best secrets to vegan interior design. Learn more about veganism and how it is incorporated into your home.

How To Choose the Right Hardware for Your Home

How to choose the right hardware for your home. Follow these tips to make it an easy and fun process that results in a beautiful space!

How Your Home Affects Your Health

In the past year, homes and personal spaces have played larger roles than usual in our daily lives. So much so, that your home affects your health.  Many people have Read More

6 Fresh Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

Spring is in the air! As this season is ushered in, Walden Interiors is here to bring you tips on how to transform from dark, cold days to bright, warm Read More

Questions to Ask when hiring an Interior Designer

Finding an Interior Designer to build your space can feel overwhelming, especially as a new homeowner.  You might be hesitating to do so because of your timeline, budget, or design Read More

Walden Interiors’ Top Design Trends for 2021

Design trends are evolving year to year, often making them hard to keep up with. Which is why, with 2021 off to an exciting start, Walden Interiors has 6 fabulous Read More

Vegan Design is not limiting – How to do it!

I wasn’t always a vegan. I adopted the dietary lifestyle about 5 years ago. Slowly, I incorporated the vegan morality into every aspect of my life. As an Interior Designer, Read More

Cozy Winter Design Tips on a Budget!

Is it just me or are these cold days just dragging on and on? I seem to always have a sweater on and drinking a cup of tea! In my Read More

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